About Pippa Bartolotti

A passionate woman of Newport who finds inspiration in the people of Newport and their resilience.

Pippa Bartolotti’s political awakening came late – although there were a couple of false starts. She joined the Communist party for a year when she was 17, and shook awake again when Margaret Thatcher privatised water – long believing that water, like food and security, is a human right, not a means for profit. But it was not until she came back from travelling in Cuba that she joined a political party. Ecological awareness had been high in her mind since the 1970s, and her daily experiences with Caribbean socialism refreshed an understanding of what was important: community, fairness, and care of the land. She joined the Green Party.

An exciting, and entirely unexpected ride awaited as Wales Geen Party Leader. Pippa Bartolotti stood in Newport West as a Parliamentary Candidate in 2010, for the Wales Assembly in 2011, for council in 2012, an MEP candidate in 2014 and again as a Parliamentary Candidate in 2015.

Appalled at the corrupted state of Westminster politics, the main parties’ support of genocide in Palestine, and disregard of the hardships too many face here in the UK, she is standing as an MP once again – this time as an Independent in Newport East.
“Westminster politics has descended into a moral abyss. We urgently need a huge tranche of Independent candidates to be elected to the House of Commons and restore a vital sense of humanity, trust and political responsibility. As a seasoned politician, I am very well placed to join the many other Independent candidates in the task of making our democracy something we can once again be proud of.