Newport rises again!

Independent Candidate for Newport East. Backing Newport for 25+ years and looking to shake up this next election.

Reinvestment for Newport East

Working for a better future for families and Newport communities

The two major parties have failed Newport people in so many ways. Democracy has stagnated and Newport East can be a beacon of hope for all people of Newport, Wales and even the United Kingdom.

My pledge for Newport

Its our chance to make Newport a better and more equitable place. Let’s embrace a positive pledge to address democracy’s shortcomings together, fostering inclusivity and collaboration for a stronger, more vibrant democratic society

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Get involved in democracy

Engage with Pippa’s campaign across various platforms for a vibrant experience. Connect, share, and support her positive vision for change. Newport played a vital part in UK democracy. This can be the same again today.

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Support and donate in Newport

Both major parties take money from corporate donors and extremely wealthy individuals. Independent Candidates attract far smaller amounts of funding from the communities they represent – and that is the truly democratic way to run any constituency campaign.

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We work together for a better solution

Join our people-powered campaign for a better democracy, where collective efforts inspire Newport’s revival. Together, let’s empower citizens to shape a brighter future, fostering community engagement and revitalizing democratic ideals

“Westminster politics has descended into a moral abyss. We urgently need a huge tranche of Independent candidates to be elected to the House of Commons and restore a vital sense of humanity, trust and political responsibility. As a seasoned politician I am very well placed to join the many other Independent candidates in the task of making our democracy something we can once again be proud of” – Pippa

Let’s Work Together for better democracy

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